New to San Miguel de Allende or visiting to consider a move here? Travelling solo and looking for a shared meal experience? Here to enjoy a week or a month or a season? Would you like to meet nice people and make new friends?


I invite you to join a fun group of people for Sunday Brunch every Sunday at 11am! The SMA Brunch Club happens weekly to introduce new people in San Miguel de Allende to other new people. We all pitch in to help answer questions about San Miguel and and serve as a friendly, supportive social group for folks who are visiting, considering relocation or are new to San Miguel.


Separate checks, casual and friendly, purely social. We'll try a new restaurant each Sunday at 11am (and the occassional bonus cocktail party!) 


Sign up for our mailing list here and join us on FB (see the link below) and at our next event! I look forward to meeting you! 






PS You can also join our Facebook group!

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