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The Road to Citizenship

Procedure to obtain a Mexican Naturalization Letter

1. Residence of at least 5 years.

2. Be of legal age and in use of their civil rights.

3. Present original and copy of the DNN-3 application.

4. Display original and two photocopies of the card issued by the Ministry of the Interior that certifies the condition of stay as a temporary resident, or permanent resident. (temporary resident student does not generate rights for Mexican nationality).

5. Deliver a certified copy and two photocopies of the foreign birth certificate, duly legalized or, where appropriate, apostilled by the competent authority, as well as translated into Spanish by an expert translator authorized by the Judiciary.

6. Present original and two photocopies of all the pages of the foreign passport or, where appropriate, of the valid identity and travel document.

7. Present a letter, under protest, to tell the truth, clearly stating the number of exits and entrances you have made to and from the country within two years prior to the filing of the application, for the computation of absences.

8. Provide proof or certificate of no criminal record issued by a competent authority at the federal and local level depending on the place of your residence, in original and photocopy.

9. Submit two identical, recent passport-size photographs (4.5 x 3.5 cm), with a white background, from the front, without glasses, and bare head.

10. Present proof of payment of fees.

11. Speak the Spanish language.

12. Pass the history exam. (If the exam is not passed, it can be presented again in 10 days, if it is failed, it will be presented within a year).

Note: Submit 2 copies of all documents.

Costs for permit only:

Issuance of Mexican naturalization letter ……… .. $ 5,415.00

Competent unit (nearest office)

León, Guanajuato. Delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Relations in Guanajuato. Boulevard Juan Alonso de Torres Oriente

Exterior number: 1315.


3 months once you have the opinion of the National Institute.



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