San Miguel de Allende Insider Tips

Apr 11
Holy Week in San Miguel de Allende

Semana Santa (Holy Week) is a very special time in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. For hundreds of years, this city has honoured tradition in the most beautiful and dedicated way. The streets are decorated with flowers, balloons, archways, and candles as a procession is made from Atotonilco, a town twelve kilometres away, to a […]

Mar 18
San Miguel de Allende Emergency Numbers

24 Hour General Emergency Number 911 and 152-0911 Police Department 911 and 415-152-0022 Public Security Department 415-152-2890 Red Cross 911, 065 and 415-152-4121 Fire Department 911 or 415-152-2888 Proteccion Civil Gas Leaks, Fallen Cables 415-152-8964 State Level Emergency Number for making anonymous reports 089 General Hospital 415-120-4746 Traffic Department Traffic Complaints/Abandon Cars 415-152-0538 Ecology Department […]

Mar 04
How Escrow Service Protects You in Mexico

If you purchase property in Mexico, you need to consider how your partial payment or deposit will be protected. Escrow services hold the funds until both parties have fulfilled their obligations of the real estate transaction. By utilizing an escrow service the seller can feel confident removing the property from the market once the buyer […]

Feb 24
A Day in Guanajuato

In today’s travel vlog I’m spending a day in Guanajuato, exploring this beautiful located in the heart of Mexico. Guanajuato is a UNESCO World Heritage site built into the mountains. There are colourful houses, steep hills, and lots to see. As a university town, there’s also a lot of youthful energy. I started the day […]

Jan 19
Money and Visas

Money Although it happens less commonly now than it did a few years ago, visitors to San Miguel still sometimes ask how to bring in the cash necessary to pay for their stay or to purchase a home here. For various reasons, bringing in large wads of cash just isn’t done anymore. Today most visitors […]

Oct 19
Homesick? Will Missing Home Stop you from Relocating to Mexico?

It is very common to be fearful when you are considering moving to another country such as Mexico. You may be wanting to retire there or just start a brand new life, but what happens if you get homesick? Will missing home stop you from relocating to Mexico? You shouldn’t let missing your family and […]

Sep 24
Canadians Try Mexican Hot Sauces

We are trying Mexican hot sauces and putting ourselves to the test! After about ten weeks in Mexico, we’ve selected six Mexican hot sauces to see if we can take the heat. I assembled an ‘emergency cooling kit’ of cucumbers, soy milk, water, and Kleenex. Things got a little crazy when we got to the […]

Jun 14
Frida Kahlo Tribute

As a nomad travelling around the world, one of my goals is to learn about people of special significance in each country I visit. I draw inspiration from this to create a totally unique kind of travel video. In Mexico, I learned a lot about the life of iconic artist Frida Kahlo. I took things […]

Apr 24
Picture Perfect San Miguel de Allende San Miguel De Allende, Mexico is picture perfect. The Jardin is the heart of the city where you’ll always find people, food, and music. There are many beautiful churches, including the most famous of all: the Parroquia.  You may only paint your house one of five colours in the centre of town which gives […]

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