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The Gringo Guide To Moving To Mexico.: Everything You Need To Know Before Moving To Mexico

Living The Mexican Dream!!

Imagine living in a place where your dollars are worth almost 20 times more than in the US, but that is also modern and close enough so you’ll never feel homesick.

A place with beautiful beaches, tasty food, affordable housing and healthcare.

A place where the locals are friendly and there’s always something fun to do.

If you strive for living a laidback lifestyle, in place rich with folklore and culture where you can also learn some Spanish on the go, then Mexico is the right place for you.

My name is Raúl Jiménez (Yes, like the player from the Mexican national soccer team), writer of the Amazon best seller on Mexican slang “MEXISLANG”, and also an online Spanish teacher who has taught over 200 students from all over the world, including Gabriel Wyner, the writer and founder of “Fluent Forever”.

I’ve been teaching online for more than 3 years, and during this time, I’ve noticed how many people were learning Spanish to travel to Mexico and Latin America, and besides language questions, I always got a lot about what places were the best to visit, or what kind of documents people needed if they wanted to stay here; because of this, I started writing this book.

This book is made for people who:

  • Want to know the process and documentation necessary to become a temporary or permanent resident of Mexico.
  • Want to know your money’s worth and the general cost of living in Mexico.
  • Want to know about safety from the drug war and the most expat friendly places in Mexico.
  • Want to know about real state, and housing in Mexico.
  • Want to be prepared for the culture shock and the language barrier when moving to Mexico.
  • Want information about working and paying taxes in Mexico.

Get “The Gringo Guide To Moving to Mexico” now, so you can make an informed decision before you move.

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