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The English Speaker’s Guide to Medical Care in Mexico (Volume 1) 4th Edition

Whether you’re planning to travel through Mexico for pleasure or business; making plans to move to Mexico; making plans for your future retirement; a patient in need of affordable medical care, a disabled US Veteran, or an expatriate already living and working or retired (full or part-time) in Mexico, The English Speaker’s Guide to Medical Care in Mexico contains a wealth of valuable and up-to-date knowledge that will help you to understand and navigate the healthcare systems and medical culture of Mexico.

This comprehensive 244-page guide, now in its fourth edition, is a wide-ranging compendium of information, facts, contacts and local knowledge concerning healthcare matters in Mexico.

Topics include an introduction to and history of medical care in Mexico, the Mexican public health system (IMSS and Seguro Popular), private medical care, finding physicians and specialist, clinics and hospitals, dental care, pharmacies and buying medicines, healthcare costs and insurance, medical tourism, programs for US Veterans, Medicaid and Medicare, elective surgery options, vaccinations, types of insurance, retirement options including assisted living and nursing care, alternative medical treatments and more.

In addition to the thoroughly comprehensive range of healthcare topics, the book also contains a dedicated section with healthcare advice for travelers in Mexico, alerts about current disease risks in certain areas, alcoholism, procedures for complaints about the healthcare you may receive, and a section about the ‘dark side’ of healthcare in Mexico–pointing out the lesser advertised risks and cons associated with healthcare and how to separate the genuine healthcare options from the hype.

As healthcare and its costs become an increasing concern for millions of people, this guide explains what Mexico offers both visitors and foreign residents and how to access that care.

“This comprehensive, well-organized, thoroughly researched and eminently readable book demystifies the complexities of medical care in Mexico. It should be required reading for anyone planning to visit or live in this beautiful country. –Beatrice Briggs, US citizen and Mexican resident since 1998

Monica has written an incredibly helpful compendium of valuable information for the English-speaking medical traveler seeking care in Mexico. This book is a necessary tool to help patients better understand medical and dental care options in Mexico. Highly recommended. –Patrick Goodness, CEO, World Medical Guides

The English Speaker’s Guide to Medical Care in Mexico contains an absolute treasure-trove of information for the person seriously seeking comprehensive information on medical care in Mexico. In fact, it provides answers to literally dozens and dozens of questions that my clients ask every day. Now all I need to do is direct them to your incredible Guide and viola! I can go on about my other tasks. Congratulations on a job very well done –Carrol Flood Delano, La Paloma B and B, Ajijic, Mexico

This guide to medical care in Mexico provides an encyclopedia worth of useful information clearly and concisely. Its full of practical and well researched information on how best to take advantage of Mexican health services. As a resident of Arizona it is a welcome and much needed resource. So many in my area can’t afford health care and I’ve been recommending this book as an easy way to gain the confidence needed to seek treatment options across the border. –Diana, Tucson, AZ

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