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The Best How-To Book on Moving to Mexico

Thinking about moving to Mexico? This is the best book for in-depth answers to your concerns about what it costs to live in Mexico, the realities of health care, and your personal safety. You get not only the laws and technicalities but the ways expatriates handle the bureaucracy and inconsistencies, rules often applied differently from one official to the next, one day to another.

You’ll learn about all 31 states and the Federal District (Mexico City) and how to find the best part of Mexico for you, whether you’ve got to have a beach, you love big cities, you must have cultural activities, you want the support of a region with many other English-speaking expats, or living your dream means finding an area undiscovered by tourists. You’ll find out how to make the move–passports, visas, car permits, pet regulations, furniture shipping.

You’ll see what daily life is like–the ins and outs of keeping a car, finding an inexpensive apartment, building or remodeling, hiring employees, learning Spanish, staying in touch with family, educating your kids, getting a work permit, starting a business. Carol Schmidt and Norma Hair live in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, a UNESCO World Heritage site and expat haven, while Rolly Brook is the only gringo in Lerdo, Durango, and the three authors share their range of personal experiences.

You’ll even learn some geography, history, and cultural differences, which can be a jolt or a delight as you explore complex, contradictory, charming, and always exhilarating Mexico.

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