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Murder in Mexico, by John Scherber

What looks like a routine portrait commission for a flamboyant former vice president of the United States quickly turns to disaster when he is murdered after only one session. Paul Zacher becomes intrigued by the purpose behind his presence in San Miguel, but his curiosity turns to desperation when accumulating evidence indicates that Zacher himself is the murderer.


When a reading of the vice president’s will reveals the motive, Paul and Maya are forced flee across central México to avoid arrest for murder. After one of the most ruthless business conglomerates in México lines up with the police against the Zacher Agency, Paul goes on the offensive and sets a trap that exposes the plotters, but then is nearly trapped himself when he is forced to kill one of them in a face-to-face shoot out. Brushwork is the third mystery in the Murder in México series.




John Scherber, a Minnesota native, settled in México in 2007. He is the author of 15 Paul Zacher mysteries, (The Murder in México series), set in the old colonial hill town of San Miguel de Allende, as well as his three award-winning nonfiction accounts of the expatriate experience, San Miguel de Allende: A Place in the Heart, Into the Heart of Mexico: Expatriates Find Themselves Off the Beaten Path, and Living in San Miguel: The Heart of the Matter. In addition, two volumes of the Townshend Vampire Trilogy have appeared, and a paranormal thriller titled The Devil’s Workshop.

His work is known for its fast pace, irreverent humor, and light-hearted excursions into the worlds of art and antiques––always with an edge of suspense. Neither highbrow nor lowbrow, his books are written as entertainments and dedicated to the enjoyment of reading. While he has acknowledged being no single one of his characters, he also admits to being all of them. 

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