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Moving to Mexico: Relocation as a Rite of Passage

What is it Like to Move to Mexico? Learn what expats from the U.S, Canada, Kenya, Scotland, and other countries say about their rite of passage

What is it like to leave work, friends, and family behind and move to another country? Moving to Mexico explores the progression people negotiate when moving from one country to another. Mexico has become home to many from all over the world. A range of expatriates from not only the U.S. and Canada, but also Germany, Kenya, Japan, Russia, and Scotland shared personal stories of the inspiration for their move, how they negotiated the process, and successfully adapted to a new life.

Sydney Metrick, PhD is the author of I Do, and Crossing the Bridge. She’s the co-author of The Art of Ritual, and Rituals for Life, Love and Loss. For the past forty years, Dr. Metrick has worked with individuals, groups and communities to support or celebrate life transitions with ceremonies and coaching. She has a doctorate in expressive therapy and uses creative methods to help individuals negotiate rites of passage.

In this book you’ll discover the five stages involved in a life transition or “rite of passage” and how others have successfully moved from one country to another. You’ll also get a look into what makes Mexico so attractive to many retirees.

Moving to Mexico explores what inspires emigrants to move to a different country and their rites of passage into their new lives. If you’re thinking of making a move this book will provide inspiration and supportive guidelines.

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