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Mexico Bible

So, you’re thinking about trying out Mexico? Good for you.

Where will you live? Mexico is a big country—living in Tulum is nothing like living in Mexico City and neither is anything like living in Puerto Vallarta. The food is different, the culture is different, the weather is different. It’s an incredible country with many unique living experiences to choose from.

And there are other questions. What will you do for medical insurance? Will you be bringing your vehicle and pets? Are you allowed to own property in Mexico? How do you handle paying utilities? Can you transfer money online easily? How long can you stay? Will you have to pay taxes? Do you have enough money to live there?

The Move to Mexico Bible takes a look at 33 different cities and towns—from expat populations to climate and conveniences. With over 100 photos and illustrations, this book will also walk you through the visa process and give you invaluable advice about healthcare, household help, communications, real estate as well as other variables. Don’t leave home without it! Updated August 2019.

Sonia Diaz has been consulting on immigration and relocation projects in Mexico for over a decade, and has processed thousands of applications and other submissions for services and permits. She has offices in San Miguel de Allende and Puerto Vallarta, with services available in all of Mexico.

A Canadian expat and affirmed wanderer, Beverley Wood is a producer, consultant and author who has lived in and written about popular locations in Mexico since 2003. A former real estate agent, she also consults on relocation to Mexico for select clients.

Insider Tip

This is the book I recommend most often to folks considering a Move to Mexico – this book will answer a lot of your questions. Recommended!

Kimberly Kubalek, San Miguel de Allende

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