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Into The Heart of Mexico, John Scherber

INTO THE HEART OF MEXICO: EXPATRIATES FIND THEMSELVES OFF THE BEATEN PATH For those who are thinking to retire in Mexico, the expatriate colonies in San Miguel de Allende and Lake Chapala are well known. For many Americans and Canadians coming south of the border to simply live or start a business abroad, the ability to tread a well-worn path is reassuring. Other folks who know the ropes are willing to help you get settled. But what if you’re looking for an experience of Mexico undiluted by the presence of so many foreigners? This book reveals the stories of people who have moved to Mexico to retire or to work in places that have only small or hardly any support communities; in one case a place that is nearly a ghost town. Is this a different kind of expat? Does it require more independence of mind or only better Spanish? Find out here in their own words as you follow these conversations around the less well-traveled roads of Mexico off the beaten path.

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