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Expat Life: At Home in San Miguel de Allende

What makes expat life in México worthwhile?

You already know the cost of living is cheaper and the climate is better.

San Miguel de Allende offers an expat support community of around 10,000 Americans and Canadians, so many people must find a reason to call it home.

But how does it really work?

This book will tell you how others have gotten settled and engaged in this community.

-Listen to the stories of more than a dozen expats who made it work.

-What did they have to overcome to feel at home here?

-How were they able to apply their life and business experience?

-Why do they find it more rewarding than the life they left behind?

-Why would they say they could never go back?

-What if there was an easy solution for expats who die here, one that frees their heirs of any worry?

Written in a lively and engaging style, this book opens the door to a new way of thinking about your future.

It is not a guidebook or a timetable.Instead, it is a guided tour of the expat experience, a close and intimate look at how it really works for people like you.

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