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Becoming an Expat Mexico: Your guide to moving abroad

Becoming an Expat Mexico will teach you how to transition into your new life in Mexico and save a ton of money and time beating your head against the wall in the process. It also explains all you need to know about immigration, international healthcare, retirement, earning an income abroad, moving with kids, what to ditch and what to pack, and more in a refreshing, tell it as we see it, style. Plus, we’ll teach you tricks to maximize your airline miles and the gadgets and programs that will make an international life a breeze for you. The Becoming an Expat guidebook series is unique because we are not in the business of selling real estate or a dream and it shows in our books. We simply will guide you towards or away from an international life. After all, it’s not for everyone. For more information and updates between editions see Also check out our podcast that’s packed with free resources and expat stories at:

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