The Murder in Mexico Mysteries: Books 5 Through 9

From Award-Winning Author, John Scherber!


Books 5 through 9 of the quirky and often funny MURDER IN MEXICO series.


Paul Zacher is a nervy painter who sees things differently. With his Mexican girlfriend, the smart and sexy Maya Sanchez, and retired homicide cop Cody Williams, their detective agency in Old Mexico never runs out of trouble.

# 5. In STRIKE ZONE the Paul Zacher Agency lands in Oaxaca in the middle of a violent teacher’s strike. Their mission? To recover a lost skull cast from the final remains of the Aztec gold. Once the property of Hermann Goering, their rival in recovering it is his ruthless son.


the Zacher Agency is pulled north, back into the States, to find the missing nephew of partner Cody Williams. But while what they find may not be him, it is certainly more than they can handle.

#7. In JACK AND JILL Jack hires the killing of his wife. The plot is flawless until he finds himself next on the list. Or is he the first?

#8. In IDENTITY CRISIS naming the culprit is easy, but what is the crime? Everything is upside down until the Zacher Agency detectives find themselves hunted by the crooked state governor of Guanajuato.

#9. In THE THEFT OF THE VIRGIN Mexico’s iconic Virgin of Guadalupe is stolen by a wealthy private collector. In the desperate fight to recover it the Agency wins, or so it seems. But what have they really got?


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