Books 20 through 24 of the witty and hilarious MURDER IN MEXICO series!


Paul Zacher is a nervy painter who sees things differently. With his Mexican girlfriend, the intelligent and sexy Maya Sanchez, and retired homicide cop Cody Williams, their detective agency in Old Mexico never runs short of trouble.

#20. SCORPION RISING The ancient culture of central México breaks through the surface as the Zacher Agency matches wits with an evil shaman. Will the modern resources of the twenty-first century be enough to combat the wiles of a tradition older than time?

#21. THE DEAD POOL Thirty-three years ago 50 Hollywood players put down $20,000 apiece. In the meantime the fund has grown exponentially in a Swiss bank. Now only ten investors are still alive. The last one standing will get it all. There was never a better motive for murder than claiming THE DEAD POOL.

#22. THE MISSING MATISSE When Paul Zacher is hired by the painting’s owner to reproduce a rarely seen Matisse, it looks nothing like another detective case. He’s just happy to be painting again, even if it’s a copy. But when the original is stolen just as the copy is finished, the whole project becomes menacing.

#23. A MURDER IN MOON VALLEY An earthship colony like the one in Taos has been built outside of San Miguel. There, right-thinking people lead a quiet life of off-the-grid environmental consciousness. But when a decades-old crime resurfaces in their midst, their entire world is overturned.

#24. THE BIG PAYOFF A wealthy Boston lawyer’s family collects around him a family retirement compound in San Miguel––four heirs with high hopes. Dad’s health is failing. But when their mother dies and Dad’s reaction is to get a facelift and start dating again, discontent flares up among the heirs. But when he quickly gets engaged and then the new fiancée is murdered, the Paul Zacher Agency finds itself working too close to home for comfort.

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