Books 15 through 19 of the quirky and often funny MURDER IN MEXICO series in one set!


Paul Zacher is a nervy painter who sees things differently. With his Mexican girlfriend, the smart and sexy Maya Sanchez, and retired homicide cop Cody Williams, their detective agency in Old Mexico never runs short of trouble.

#15. LOST IN CHIAPAS Terrified by the disturbing silence of their daughter, who’s gone to Chiapas in search of a cult to join, and fearing she’s been kidnapped or murdered, her parents hire the Zacher Agency to rescue her. Their escape, pursued by a homicidal rival cult leader, proves to be the journey from hell.

#16. THE JERICHO JOURNALS The eccentric San Miguel painter, Edward Jericho, is known for his unannounced absences, but usually he cleans his brushes before he leaves. Eventually the sinister tone of his present disappearance draws the eye of the Zacher Agency. Paul finds the ongoing presence of Edward’s shoes in his closet and his car in his garage too disturbing to ignore. And then there is that journal he left behind…

#17. NOBLE ROT When a prominent Northern California winery family comes to San Miguel to check out additional properties, a disturbing conflict is already running deep beneath the surface. As they rent an upscale mansion for a month’s stay, the head of the family is murdered on a stone staircase worthy of a coronation procession.

#18. TWILIGHT AT TIKAL A call for help on a missing person case brings the Zacher Agency down to the untamed jungles of Guatemala. But even among the pyramids of the ancient Mayan city of Tikal, nothing is as it seems. Who is more dangerous, old friends or new enemies?

#19. DEATH IN THE THIRD ACT A young actress is murdered onstage on opening night of a new play. There’s no need to call the Zacher Agency––they’re all sitting in the front row. But will witnessing the shooting be any help in solving this crime? The conflict between reality and theater has never been so tense.

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