Category: Visiting San Miguel de Allende

Jul 12
Mexico Drone Regulations

MEXICO DRONE REGULATIONS According to Mexico’s national aviation authority, Mexico’s…

Nov 20
The Ins and Outs and Ups and Downs of San Miguel de Allende

Getting Around San Miguel de Allende is a small city world-renowned for its beauty,…

Sep 14
Romance Rules in Beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende is known as one of the prettiest cities in Mexico. Here are some…

Jul 15
The Museums of San Miguel de Allende

There are a few museums that you should add to your list, if you have the time.…

Jun 30
Covid Cleaning Standards

Cleanliness is the #1 barrier for guests looking for a place to stay and to help hosts…

Feb 27
Artists and Art Galleries

San Miguel de Allende has been a destination for artists since the 1940’s. Check…

Sep 25
Mucho Cariño in San Miguel de Allende

While taking a travel writing class in San Miguel de Allende in October, 2019, we were…

Jan 19
Money and Visas

Money Although it happens less commonly now than it did a few years ago, visitors to…

Sep 27
Colonia Guadalupe Murals

Make sure to visit Colonia Guadalupe north of Centro to see the wonderful examples of…

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