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Aug 21
December (Diciembre)

It’s Christmas time, and December events in San Miguel de Allende sparkle with color and tinsel, piñatas and posadas, high mass and low comedy. Many Mexicans get a longish vacation at Christmas, and though the beaches are the first choice of venue for many, a whole slew of them choose to spend the holidays in San Miguel. It’s […]

Aug 21

In November, events in San Miguel de Allende focus first on death, then on art & craft, jazz, and patriotism. The month begins with one of my favorite Mexican holidays, Día de los Muertos, Day of the Dead. Study it closely, and this holiday will help you understand something of the Mexican character. This is not a heavily touristed […]

Aug 21

In October, events in San Miguel de Allende definitely slooowww down. The summer season is well and truly over and end-of-year holidays are far off. Folks have more time to just sit on a bench in the autumn sunshine and stare at the changing shades of pink in the Parroquia stones. Or watch the kids […]

Aug 21

Can you spell Fiesta? September events in San Miguel de Allende revolve around the fiestas patrias, and this is when sanmiguelenses really like to party hearty. The month combines Mexican Independence Day, the local Fiesta of San Migue Arcangel, the Alborada. It brews up into a heady mix that’ll have you ready for a long autumn snooze to sleep it […]

Aug 20

It’s still the rainy season, but sanmiguelenses seldom let a little rain stop them from doing anything fun or interesting. And really, the rain usually only falls for an hour or two in the afternoon. So come on out, the water’s fine! This is when the hillsides around San Miguel are at their greenest. I remember driving […]

Aug 20

In July, events in San Miguel de Allende focus mostly on religious celebrations and film. The main event is the weather. Everyone seems to be outside, enjoying the long, warm days while waiting for the rain to begin—it usually starts by mid-afternoon. July 16 – Fiesta of The Virgin of Carmen. A series of religious celebrations honoring the […]

Aug 20

O n the calendar for June, events in San Miguel de Allende are religious or crazy…or both. The craziest day of the year, Día de los Locos (literally Day of the Crazies), brings crowds and madness to the old cobblestones streets. As the summer solstice approaches, June days are longer—more time to bask and play—and the […]

Aug 20

T he schedule of May events in San Miguel de Allende slows down considerably. By now, many of the winter visitors have flown back north and the temperature rises. May is usually the hottest month in San Miguel de Allende. The air hangs heavy, waiting for the summer rains to cool things off and settle the dust. Some […]

Aug 11

April 2-5: Mid-week Semana Santa Observances. These lesser processions during Holy Week in San Miguel de Allende are no less heartfelt. They provide the big build-up to Good Friday, the most solemn and awe-inspiring day of the year. April  – Good Friday. Good Friday is the most solemn and beautiful religious spectacle in the San Miguel de Allende calendar. […]

Aug 06

First Friday in March – The Festival of “Nuestro Señor de la Conquista”. The faithful come to the Parroquia to recite 33 prayers, one for every year of Jesus’ life on earth. conchero dancers preform in front of the Parroquia on this day, arriving shortly after dawn and dancing till dusk. They dance in honor of “Christ […]

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