Recommended for dinner only and only on non-weekend nights, unless you enjoy having very loud, rude tourists who are there to party all around you. The music is loud - don't plan to have much conversation. Not locally owned - this is what happens when people from Mexico City try to open a restaurant here, unfortunately. This establishment seems to cater to the rude party crowd from Mexico City, Monterrey and other cities outside of San Miguel de Allende. 

Locals don't dine here. Food is satisfactory. View is outstanding. 

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    March 10, 2019 at 8:23 pm

    We had a reservation for 16 and 16 people arrived. The place settings, while they FIT the table, were so tight together, only children could have possibly been seated comfortably there. I had to pull another table up to ours and to move all of the dirty dishes and food off of it and rearrange the place sittings myself in order to fit our group to the table comfortably.

    Despite many waiters standing around, no one offered to help us move the table or to clean it. I cleared everything off into a chair and no one ever noticed it or took it away, so the dirty dishes and food just sat there while we ate. We were not offered water, and there was none on the table.

    We were offered coffee, which did arrive in a timely manner and was very good. We were not offered bread, fruit, nor anything else during the 20 minutes it took for the waiters to finally begin to take our orders. There were 6 waiters rushing around, standing around, I don’t know what they were doing, but they were not serving us.  They seemed rushed and confused about what they should be doing. 

    We waited ONE HOUR for any food to arrive at the table. There was no salsa on the table and none was served with anyone’s meal (seriously?!), it had to be requested, resulting in us waiting even longer to eat. There was no salt on the table, but there was rock salt, which is a bit difficult to use properly on an omlette. One meal was delivered that was not ordered by anyone. 

    The food itself was very good, and I’m guessing the chef/cooks are well trained. No one had anything but nice things to say about the food, except that the portions were very small and it was a huge disappointment to not be offered anything to start us out. The prices were good, but very high – for 55p you can get an omelette, salad, bread, coffee, orange juice and beans all over San Miguel de Allende.

    We are an affluent group, so we can afford the prices but for what was charged, it was suprising to be so stingy with food and it seemed obvious this is a “Chilango” restaurant and not a local owner who understands the city, the workers, the way to run a restaurant in San Miguel de Allende. The waiters were obviously not well trained and seemed to be bumping all over themselves but not actually doing very much. There were only 4 other tables of people but  the volume in the restaurant was loud and we struggled to have conversations with one another. 

    Despite requesting seperate checks, we only recieved one check and had to work out what everyone owed ourselves. I appreciated that I did not have a check but when the waiter requested I sign for what I consumed, I notice that the check had something added that I did not consume and when I asked the waiter to remove it (a fruit plate), he refused (possibly he did not know how to correct the mistake) and asked me to sign it anyway.

    The food portions were good but small. Just what was ordered – no side, no garnish, no fruit, no bread. You are almost guaranteed to leave hungry and several people told me as we were leaving there to go get something to EAT.

    All in all, the group voted not to return or to recommend La Unica to others for Brunch. 

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