There’s a good reason why you’ll have to book far in advance if you want to visit San Miguel in February – the weather is fantastic! Temperatures average in the low 80’s and skies are sunny most afternoons. For folks who’ve had about as much snow as they can take, it’s a welcome relief. What’s more, the hottest time of the year usually lasts only about six weeks, from May to mid-June, with highs averaging in the low to mid 90’s and lows in the mid-60’s. It’s understandable why some people call San Miguel de Allende the “City of Eternal Spring”.


San Miguel lies in the heart of central Mexico at 6500 feet elevation, just 170 miles north of Mexico City. 

This beautiful colonial city dates back to the 16th century, and it holds a special place in the hearts of Mexican nationals because it is the birthplace of Ignacio Allende, independence leader and national hero. It is also considered the birthplace of Mexico’s independence from Spain.

San Miguel first became well-known among foreigners after World War II when many US veterans moved here using their GI bill to study at one of the local art schools. Since the 1950’s, the city’s popularity as both a vacation and retirement destination has increased, particularly among Americans and Canadians.

In the 1990’s San Miguel began receiving a lot international press, which catapulted the number of foreign tourists and residents alike and fueled the beginnings of the real estate boom. Since 2008, when San Miguel was named a World Heritage site, the numbers of Mexican nationals who visit has also greatly increased.


Although San Miguel’s economy for many years was based primarily on tourism and agriculture, the last few years have seen lots of changes. In addition to the traditional retirees, we are also seeing a growing number of both foreign and Mexican individuals and families in their 20’s to 50’s who move to San Miguel and either start businesses here or work from home via the Internet. And since San Miguel is located somewhat at the center of several major auto and aerospace manufacturing plants, national and international suppliers are rapidly filling up San Miguel’s industrial park to supply parts and support to these two huge industries in Mexico.


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