Craving comfort food? Ideal for a mid afternoon comida, Kenten's Southern Fried Chicken is the real deal. Served with 2 sides & fresh bread, you won't leave the table hungry. My favorite is the mashed potatos - a bit chucky, super creamy with just the right amount of seasoning.


(Place orders 24 hours in advance so the chicken has time to marinate)

Southern Fried chicken

  • 2 pieces of chicken (dark or white meat)
  • 2 sides
  • 2 pieces of bread
  • Honey & Butter

350 pesos

Beer-Can Chicken

  • Whole or half bird
  • 2 side
  • 2 pieces of bread
  • Butter & White BBQ sauce

350 pesos half chicken
650 pesos whole chicken

Adult Chicken Tenders

  • 4 tenders
  • 2 sides
  • 2 pieces of bread
  • Butter & White BBQ sauce

250 pesos


  • Coleslaw
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Mac n’ cheese
  • Twice cooked fries
  • Jalapeño-bacon-cheddar corn bread

80 pesos

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  • August 12, 2020 4:58 am local time

  • Address

    San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

  • Phone

    +52 (415) 151 7505

  • Ava Hart
    May 3, 2020 at 10:38 pm

    OMG – From birth, I had mamaw’s fried chicken every Sunday from freshly ‘wrung’ WV raised chickens. Both NYC and definitely Atlanta provided many, many fried chicken options. I’m trying it out here in San Miguel de Allende where free range chickens and freed restaurant chefs abound.

    My one order will last for daaaays! Along with the fried (one white/one dark), two sides, cornbread with fun stuff mixed in, I ordered the half beer can chicken and one extra side and still have a fridge shelf of food!

    Another fun thing is I used to chat with Kenten at his teeny tiny late night bar near me. Through the tequila haze, I missed the part that he was the chef at the respected Matilda which I never made it to before all the restaurant closings. How lucky am I to merely open my door in muumuu/no makeup to receive all this yummy goodness from this smiling chef!

    KFC (Kenten Marin)
    Kenten Fried Chicken:
    Orders will have to be placed at least 24 hours before delivery due to the brining and marinating.

    By participating in Kenten Fried Chicken you are helping local farmers who are also struggling with sales they counted on to support their families. You would also be strengthening the community they have with local chefs and home cooks during difficult times.

    To place an order you can private message him or email [email protected], WhatsApp message to +52 (415) 151 7505
    He’ll reply with the confirmation. Available for delivery 7 days a week from 11 am to 8 pm

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