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Month: June 2021

Jun 21
Mexico uses the metric system

Mexico uses the metric system of weights and measures (as opposed to the Imperial system, which is what Americans use). If you are not used to the metric system, it might seem intimidating at first, with all of those m’s and l’s, but if you spend a little time learning it, you’ll realize that it’s […]

Jun 07
Meet the Locals: Miguel Cabrera, La Reliquia Antiques and Artifacts

Owner: Miguel Cabrera Business: La Reliquia Career: Antiques and Artifacts, 3 years Hometown: San Miguel de Allende Location: Ancha de San Antonio #17 On a daily stroll down the Ancha you will often see Miguel Cabrera proudly standing outside greeting passersby while setting up his intimate antique shop La Reliquia at Ancha de San Antonio […]

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