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San Miguel de Allende may just be the most charming small town in Mexico. It’s no pueblito, though, but a colorful, colonial-style city with a vibrant wine scene, markets and artisans galore, and one of the most impressive gastronomic scenes in Mexico.

Visit San Miguel de Allende’s iconic, pink Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel towering above Spanish-style buildings around the square. Museums abound in San Miguel, as do shopping offerings in the city; local boutiques here make everything from silk-screen tees to hammered silver jewelry. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, you’ll have your pick from shrimp tempura on a crunchy tostada, slow-cooked barbacoa from a modest street stand, or Sri Lankan-Swiss-Mexican fusion food all within a few blocks from el centro.

Despite being a small town, San Miguel de Allende is filled with things to do, whether you’re in town for a day or a week. It’s a cultural hub, with plenty of art exhibition spaces and live music performances around town in the evenings. And if you can’t fit everything into one trip, you’ll just have to come back; you wouldn’t be the first foreigner to land in San Miguel permanently. – Travel & Leisure, 2023

"The town is the thing, the promise of community. The streets and sidewalks are narrow. People talk to each other, engage easily."
"The lack of street lights and billboards makes the region romantically and historically beautiful, and the city itself offers a traditional feeling of a small town in the heart of Mexico."
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