Insider Tips

Tips for your San Miguel de Allende trip

A cab anywhere in town costs $2.50 US. Easiest and fastest way to get around

I can’t stress enough to bring good shoes: runners. I tried to wear wedges for dinner one night and it was impossible. A 2 inch sandal wedge is about all you can manage for dressing up.

Bring ear plugs, you will hear church bells often and early from almost anywhere

I might try to pop up to the top terraces in town upon arrival (Quince, Atrio, Trazo 1810 – all within a 3 min walk of one another) to get an idea of where you might want to sit and spend time later in your visit

Make reservations in advance everywhere. Ask for a front view table. Have your concierge re-confirm day of if you want to ensure getting the best seat on rooftop terraces. Reserve as if you are going for dinner, even if it is only sunset drinks and an appetizer, otherwise they could give you lounge seats in the back.

Shorts/swimwear/very casual clothing is not not acceptable at dinner. Recommend capris/cotton pants, jeans are fine.

We liked Europa for wine/liquor, located on Canal, close tot he Jardin.

If arriving late, you may want to consider staying in a hotel close to the airport and travel the road during daylight. There is a fabulous brand new hotel close to airport (9 mins) called: It was $65 US per night w/breakfast

Guanajuato is worth a stop for an afternoon visit or overnight on route between San Miguel and Leon Airport. Hotel was $70 US. Don’t go on a Monday as best galleries and restaurants are closed.

Walking around can be a grind in the heat so having a pool at your hotel to go back to might be very important or a nice luxury to have when visiting. Here are 2 weekly and monthly apartments that are recommended: