San Miguel de Allende wine tours are growing in popularity and we have the very best wine tour partners! As a wine destination, San Miguel de Allende is very similar in climate and terrain as Northern California and the wineries are spectacular!

Each of our favorite vineyards has its own unique personality, each one a gorgeous drive out into the countryside, each one featuring lovely wines. The region is very similar in climate and terrain as Northern California.

The trouble is, it’s a challenge to get out to them. Mexican roads aren’t well marked, drivers are, shall we say, impulsive, gas and rentals are expensive, etc.

Here’s the good news: One of our favorite partners, Vino por Vino, offers a fascinating, safe, truly fun tour!

They’ll pick you up at your San Miguel de Allende lodging, share a cultural discussion of the area out to a vineyard, then lunch break at an authentic Mexican kitchen, a second winery, and then a safe return in time for your afternoon siesta. Tastings, tours, transportation are all-inclusive. Many travelers have come to SMA over the years and missed this experience.

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