Remo’s Italian Cheese

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Since 1983, Remo’s has been committed to the highest standards of quality and hygiene. We are dedicated to manufacturing and marketing dairy products following traditional Italian techniques in our modern facilities.

Our products reflect, in their variety, the tradition of excellence of the Italian dairy production industry that has developed over several centuries.


“Remos is a terrific shop outside of town on the road to Queretaro. It is almost directly across from the very large country hotel Hacienda de Los Picachos, which is on your right leaving town. Remos is a low, small shop with a green type awning and plenty of parking. The man who owns it has Italian roots and the store told me he has his own cattle, including the buffalo types that have the milk that makes bufala cheese and butter, They have good Parmesan types as well as many other kinds of cheese, and they also sell other gourmet items imported from Italy, and also Prosecco ( a sparkling wine.)  I usually leave with Bufala butter, a Brie or Parmesan cheese, and a jar of their special spicy condiments.”

San Miguel de Allende 37700 GTO MX
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