Patzcuaro Tour

Day number 1 
Leave San Miguel at 8:00 am and on the way to Pátzcuaro we will visit the town of Quiroga, where we will see lots of Wood carvings, strings instruments, Green pottery and a church from the 17th century. Then on to Tzintzuntzan where we will see all kinds of christmas ornaments, table mats, hats , baskets amd many more things made out of grass and a special bamboo that they use there, as well as widow fine pottery. After that we will go and visit the archeologic site where the Chichimecas built round pyramids. Finally go to rest in Pátzcuaro.
The hotels that I recommend you to stay are.-
Misión de Iturbe
Hotel Casa de la Real Aduana 
Hotel La Casa Encantada 
Hotel Pueblo mágico
On the second day
We will  leave Pátzcuaro at 10:00 am on to Santa Clara del Cobre where you will see copper  working shops as well as the store with the magnificent work that they do in that charming Little town. After shopping we will drive the back way to admire the most beatifull lake in the state of Michoacan, Lake Zirahuen where we will stop for luch and try some of the tipical food of the área. Back to Pátzcuaro for the rest of the day and walk aroud the main plaza and Casa de los 11 patios, 
Last day
Leave Pátzcuaro at 9:30 and on the way back to San Miguel we will stop in Morelia and see the cultural house, the main church, the goberment palace and after  luch we will head back to San Miguel.


Min 2

$100 per day

Does not include hotel

refresh, tour guide, driver expenses

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