Jacinto 1930

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JACINTO 1930 is the name of the new restaurant that joins the culinary scene of San Miguel de Allende to surprise with its attractive gastronomic and aesthetic proposal that rescues techniques of food preparation based on the most representative ingredient of Mexican food: corn .

The year of 1930 marks the beginning of a decade of reform in Mexico, of changes, of cultural, artistic and agricultural growth, of a golden age and splendor. It is just these feelings of nostalgia and pride that constitute the premise of JACINTO 1930, the new culinary destination of those who seek unique experiences.

Matteo Salas, chef of Áperi, undertook the task of curating traditional Mexican dishes, always showing a profound respect for millenary processes – and endowing them with an innovative dimension that makes JACINTO 1930 an authentic proposal of Mexican haute cuisine.

Jacinto 1930 Restaurant in San Miguel de Allende

The concept of JACINTO 1930 is based on the duality found in national cuisine, between the apparent simplicity of ingredients such as chili, cheese and corn, and the complex process of its preparation.

The chef Israel Loyola, of Oaxacan origin, is the one who collaborates with the Italo-Mexican chef Matteo Salas, to incorporate to the proposal his knowledge of this cuisine, as well as some of the most representative ingredients of his region. And it is the passion of both chefs that is reflected in a menu that celebrates the cultural diversity of our country.

The cocktail is run by Adrian Evans, a mixologist from Wales, who has developed exclusive cocktails for the restaurant mixing iconic flavors of Mexican cuisine, such as jalapeño, mole and chocolate, with drinks such as tequila and mezcal. of other aromatic ingredients such as rosemary and crème de cassis to create delicious combinations with Mexican tones and European details.

The restaurant is located in the old Casa Cohen. The architecture pays tribute to the original use of the house: the manufacture of blacksmithing. The architect and designer Alberto Laposse selected materials such as steel and copper, the latter to make a network in the ceiling through which you can see the sky, and which connects spaces. The mosaic floor in copper and black tones makes reference to the typical Mexican kitchens with a touch of elegance. The place has a fully open kitchen and a bar in which tortillas are prepared at the moment, offering an approach to those who skillfully create culinary works.

Another important decorative element is stone, an essential material in grinding and, of course, in the nixtamalization process.


Relox 18, Col. Centro
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato
Facebook: jacinto1930

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