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Dec 08
Host with Airbnb

Dec 07
December 8, 2018

La Purisima Concepcion church, better know as “Las Monjas”  was founded in…

Oct 31
Parade of Los Locos

A century ago, this was a celebration of the city gardeners. As decades went by, it…

Oct 31
Corpus Christi Thursday

Corpus Christi Thursday. Less known, but important and solemn, this is the festivity…

Oct 19
Homesick? Will Missing Home Stop you from Relocating to Mexico?

It is very common to be fearful when you are considering moving to another country…

Oct 19
Happiness Factor – What Makes Mexico a Top Place to Live

Ever wondered what makes Mexico a top choice for retirement? Why is Mexico such a…

Oct 19
Is Learning Spanish Essential when Moving to Mexico?

  Where you are going to live will determine the answer Where you will be living will…

Oct 19
Insuring Your Property in Mexico

So, you have bought, or are about to buy, a property in Mexico; so it’s time to think…

Oct 19
Ways to Save Living in Mexico

Are you wanting to save money? Are you wanting your retirement fund to go further? If…

Oct 19
Medical Repatriation Insurance for Expats in Mexico

Why do I need medical repatriation insurance when I have travel insurance? Do I need…

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