Last month, San Miguel de Allende and AT&T sealed the deal on a program to provide free Wi-Fi to public places throughout our historic city, and other locations as well. 
This announcement came just last month noted that both organizations have completed this plan which is part of a $7 billion investment from AT&T Mexico.  The initiative is part of their “Smart Cities” project that is committed to expand and deploy network technology throughout Mexico. AT&T also recently announced connectivity projects in Mexico City and Quintana Roo.


In a recent press release by AT&T Mexico, it noted that this will “benefit more than 50,000 locals and tourists,” further noting that they now offer 20 hot-spots with free Wi-Fi in main parks and public squares.
Vice President and General Manager of the Pacific Region of AT&T in Mexico Emmanuel Cisneros said that AT&T is proud to be a “part of the growth of such an iconic place like San Miguel de Allende.”
“San Miguel de Allende joins international competitiveness by having free internet in 64 blocks considered a Heritage site. This is an added attraction for our beloved municipality. The connection, along with its architecture, history, and hospitality places the city as one of the favorite places in the world,” said Mayor of San Miguel de Allende Gonzalo González Rodríguez.
Now visitors to San Miguel de Allende have the opportunity to stay connected and enjoy ‘business and pleasure’ and when you do, be sure to book your San Miguel de Allende Hotel as soon as possible as San Miguel is more popular every year.

And with good reason!